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10 More Great Songs About Eating
  • 10 More Great Songs About Eating

  • by The Editor | November 19, 2017

I recently read a fun piece in Decibel called 10 Great Songs About Eating. That article lists some great picks (it doesn't get much better than Bloodbath's Eaten), so definitely check it out. But it got me thinking, Are there more songs about eating worthy of gracing your Thanksgiving playlist this year? I think so! So here is my supplemental list of 10 More Great Songs About Eating. They range from cheesy to disgusting to surprisingly apropos. Play them while you flay seared flesh from bone and stuff juicy skin and muscle tissue into your fat mouth until you feel like you're dying. Happy Thanksgiving!

Death - Bite the Pain

Carcass - Unfit for Human Consumption

Municipal Waste - Lunch Hall Food Brawl

Judas Priest - Grinder

Ghoul - Blood Feast

Cattle Decapitation - Cannibalistic Invasivorism

Ihsahn - Misanthrope

Job for a Cowboy - Eating the Visions of God

Municipal Waste- The Fatal Feast

And last, but not least, the best damn song ever written about Thanksgiving dinner: Kiss - Lick It Up. (What did you think it was about? Gross.)