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Review of Mire by Bog Wraith
  • Review of Mire by Bog Wraith

  • Subgenre: Deathcore

  • Categories: Bog Wraith, EP, Deathcore, Blackened Deathcore, 2017

I hate deathcore. It’s usually cookie-cutter as fuck and betrays a complete lack of respect for the intelligence of its audience. Metal-adjacent drivel for roided-out meatheads to blast their biceps to. Absolute garbage. Not for human consumption.

So believe me when I say I did not expect to fall in love when I came across this one and saw it categorized as “blackened deathcore.” But fall in love I did. Bog Wraith are polished in the right ways and wholly unpolished and grotesque in all the ways that matter most. This EP oozed and gurgled its way into my heart with gnarly, surprisingly intricate riffs slathered in a thick film of rotten gore vocals. Picture the best efforts of Job For A Cowboy chained in a dark room and fed a steady diet of Deathspell Omega until overpowering their captors and escaping into the bitter Michigan winter. Mire presents a coherent, terrifying vision, and the strong song structures highlight the band members' ample talents. If I close my eyes I can easily imagine being drowned in fetid mud by an angry swamp creature for the 16-minute duration of the EP. I feel it, guys. I get it. You have my attention.

As good as this release is, I really hope we’ll be seeing a full-length from Bog Wraith soon.

Check out Mire, and also a solid single featuring The Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad, on Bog Wraith’s Bandcamp page here.