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Review of Pulsing Dark Absorptions by Dæva
  • Review of Pulsing Dark Absorptions by Dæva

  • Subgenre: Blackened Thrash

  • Categories: Daeva, Dæva, Philadelphia, Blackened Thrash, Black Metal, 2017

Pulsing Dark Absorptions gets to the fucking point. There are no atmospheric intros or interludes here. Just dirty, blackened thrash with a lot of attitude. You’ll notice plenty of similarities to Venom and even more to Destroyer 666, so if that’s your jam you won’t be disappointed.

I was immediately struck by the unhinged and, well, flamboyantly-delivered vocals. See, for example, the great line in the opening track No Effective Banishings mocking a victim of witchcraft and delivered with an audible smirk (“call out unto Him, Jesus Christ, and ask him to come down!”). And check out that incantation wrapped in wacky carnival reverb around the 3:22 mark. What panache! What confidence!

These winks are all over the MLP and are great fun. In fact, I can’t find a single moment where the vocalist’s delivery isn’t cheesing for the camera, so to speak. I don’t mean to downplay the drums and guitars, which are fast and brimming with character. But the vocalist’s charisma takes these songs to another level. Who is this EG guy? Has Philly been gifted with our very own Abbath? Dear Satan, please let it be so!

Pulsing Dark Absorptions is officially released on November 17th, but you can already check it out on most streaming services and on the 20 Buck Spin Bandcamp page here.